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Religious Tours

Whether it be Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir or South India Temple Tour, you find it all here. While virtually every city or town of India may justifiably be described as temple towns, most of those in this tour owe their existence to their temples of extraordinary magnificence and importance, hence the name 'Temple towns'. Places like Bhubaneshwar and Aurangabad have temples of unbelievable architecture as reminders of a very rich classical era. The city of Madurai pulsates every bit with endless rituals of its mammoth Meenakshi Sundereshwar Temple. And those at Konark, Mammallapuram, Thanjavur and Karnataka should firmly leave you spell bound due to their sheer magnificence, mammoth conceptualization and unsurpassed artistry. Even an unsuggestive name like Goa has beautiful old temples hidden in dense rain forests.


India Down the Ganges Tour

Journey the Mother Ganges, India's most sacred river. The Ganges is the heart of the Hindu faith and the soul of the Indian nation. Its banks and waters are host to the most intimate rituals of life and death. Add a desert camel safari, colourful cultural experiences, royal palaces and the incomparable Taj Mahal to experience the magic of India.

  • Days 1-2 Delhi
    Visit India's largest mosque, the Jama Masjid, get lost in the spice bazaar, where different areas specialise in festival paraphernalia, silk, copper, brass and spices, and discover museums, ruins and locals galleries.

  • Days 3-4 River Ganges
    On our voyage down India's most sacred river, we camp on its banks and imagine what life is like for the village communities who live along the Ganges.

  • Days 5-7 Varanasi
    To discover Varanasi is to embrace a mysterious world of ritual and wonder. Here, along the ghats and within the labyrinth of twisting alleys, shrines, temples and pilgrims, lies the soul of India. Spend the evening soaking up the magical atmosphere of a candle flower ceremony as you watch the sun set to a delicate melody of traditional live sitar and tabla playing.

  • Day 8 Agra
    This town is justly famed for one of the modern wonders of the world, the beautiful Taj Mahal. We also visit the Red Fort, built by the Mughal emperors.

  • Days 9-10 Jaipur
    The 'Pink City' of Jaipur is our first experience of the colours of Rajasthan. The Amber Fort, crowded bazaars and jewellery shopping make Jaipur a favourite haunt for visitors to India.

  • Day 11 Roopangarh Fort
    From a royal city to the turrets of the 17th Century Roopangarh Fort, this is your chance to be an Indian maharajah for a night!

  • Days 12-13 Pushkar
    An enchanting town of white-washed temples set around a holy lake, Pushkar stands on the edge of the desert. Travel by camel and spend a night feasting and listening to traditional songs around the camp fire for a taste of nomadic life.

  • Days 14-15 Delhi
    The morning still leaves time to explore the immense shopping possibilities in Pushkar before crossing Snake Mountain to board a late train back into Delhi.

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