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Guroo Manzil, Dalgate, Srinagar, J&K IN


Adventure Tours

Break those restrictions on that naughty part of you and lose yourself in adventures with Royal Adventure Packages: Mountaineering, Cycling, Horse riding, Trekking, Rafting, Skiing..


Wildlife Tours

The Indian Sub-continent has over 500 species of mammals, 2061 forms of birds, 650 are migrants. 748 species of reptiles, more than 30,000 species of insects. No other region in the world is home to both species of the great cats, the Lion and the Tiger, the Elephant, the great Indian Rhino, the water Buffalo. There are more Deer and cat species, the rarest and most graceful antelopes, wide variety of Monkeys.

Indian Birds and Taj Mahal, Jungle India Tour, Tryst to Nature


South India Tours

Famous for its astounding temples and sacred sites, southern India is a unique religious region. Green, red and the blue of the ocean with numerous coconut trees slash across the canvas with amazing regularity. These factors goes a long way in making a holiday so much more worthwhile and happy in South India.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala


Honeymoon Tours

Let your happy married life start by natures side, in the moonlight near Taj the Symbol of Love, Royal Palaces, Luxuriant Houseboats on Dal Lake and exotic Islands; This package is intended to bless your life with sweet memories that will last forever ! No matter if you are married long back don't think this one is not meant for you. Gift your partner these moments that'll revive your married life !

Honeymoon in Kashmir, Shimla, Kerala, Mussoorie...


Festival Tours

While virtually every city or town of India may justifiably be described as temple towns, most of those in this tour owe their existence to their temples of extraordinary magnificence and importance, hence the name "Temple towns". Places like Bhubaneshwar and Aurangabad have temples of unbelievable architecture as reminders of a very rich classical era. The city of Madurai pulsates every bit with endless rituals of its mammoth Meenakshi Sundereshwar Temple. And those at Konark, Mammallapuram, Thanjavur and Karnataka should firmly leave you spell bound due to their sheer magnificence, mammoth conceptualization and unsurpassed artistry. Even an unsuggestive name like Goa has beautiful old temples hidden in dense rain forests.

Great India Festival, Festivals in Ladakh, Rajasthan, South India


Religious Tours

Whether it be Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir or South India Temple Tour, you find it all here. While virtually every city or town of India may justifiably be described as temple towns, most of those in this tour owe their existence to their temples of extraordinary magnificence and importance..

Highlights: Varanasi, Amarnath Yatra, Vaishnodevi.


Golden Triangle Tours - Short Tours

The imperial monuments of India's busy capital Delhi , the royal palaces & the pink city of Jaipur & the overwhelmingly beautiful monument of love the great Taj Mahal at Agra are the principal attractions of this circuit. The triangle of the three cities, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, perfectly captures the grandeur of India. less than 250 km from the point to point, it is conveniently covered by road.

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur


Himalaya Tours

The Great Himalayas stand Extended to various parts of Sub continent including Nepal , where Mount Everest stands Towering on us. Such Mountain range is full of Wildlife for being densely forested with lush green glades , Crevices , gorges and Peaks , besides providing us the best possible ski slopes for winter sports activities. The jungles of such mountain range provide us a paradise for Birdwatchers.

Himalayas, Lap of Himalayas , Call of Himalayas...


Cultural Tours

India is a vast country with varied cultures evident everywhere. Historically speaking India has been invaded by several intruders from various parts of the world and with their coming they brought their culture with them giving rise to a mixture of cultures and civilizations thereby giving some things to us and taking many things in return.

Splendor Tour of North India


India The largest Peninsula

Like Continents we have Oceans all around the world. India too is surrounded by Indian Oceans with Bay of Bengal on Eastern side , Red Sea in the South and the Arabian Sea in the West. There are many Islands found in the Far East other areas of the world which are famous for tourist inflow. Still these are apart from Islands

Uncountable peninsulas around the world and India can boost to be the largest peninsula for being located within three major seas around her, thus has acclaimed to be so in its natural character.


Train Tours

 India Train Tours are the best way to uncover the mystique of India in the true essence. Trailing around all the directions of the country, these Trains link almost every state, city, village in its purview, lending it strengthened network and support. Be it any day or night, Indian Railways are unstoppable, which makes it more reliable and convenient option to explore the country.

Palace on Wheels, Royal Orient Train Tours